Vodafone, ESB, eBay, and Liberty Insurance Joined the First Remote Working Alliance in Ireland


Vodafone, ESB, eBay, and Liberty Insurance joined the Remote Alliance, the first remote working alliance in Ireland. The purpose of the four founding members is to embed remote work in their organizations on a long-term basis. 

As remote work keeps gaining momentum, organizations and countries are implementing different strategies to adapt to the constant changes. In some cases, countries are offering remote work visas. In other cases, organizations are building alliances with various organizations to encourage remote work within the country. 

What is Remote Alliance in Ireland About?

Grow Remote created Remote Alliance to help and encourage Irish employers to commit to remote work in the long term. They want to build an Ireland where employment is accessible no matter where people live. 

Renate Kohlmann, Director of Grow Remote, mentioned:

We know more than ever that people value their work/life balance and want to be connected to their local community. Individuals, employers, and communities have the opportunity now to take some of these positives and embed long-lasting, positive systemic changes that will transform communities around Ireland.

Now that the four organizations have joined together to form the Remote Alliance, they are looking to create a more inclusive environment making remote work accessible to all. Additionally, their purpose is to reduce carbon emissions through remote and hybrid working significantly. 

Remote work not only helps to build an inclusive country with productive and happier employees, but it’s becoming a fundamental part of an environmental strategy to make countries more sustainable.


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