Hybrid Work Models Will Fail if Businesses Don’t Implement Collaboration and Employee Engagement Technologies

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A new study by Kahoot! found that perceptions of remote workers will be the main challenge that companies implementing hybrid workplace structures will face. The survey indicated that remote workers feel less included in important discussions and receive fewer promotions and growth opportunities than onsite employees. Another challenge is regarding collaboration between both types of employees, as remote workers tend to feel disconnected from the work environment. 

Now that businesses are slowly returning to the office and tracing their future work structure plans, many of them are choosing to continue with remote work to some extent. Implementing hybrid models is becoming the best solution in most cases as it enables employees to enjoy flexible work and managers to encourage collaboration. 

Main Challenges of a Hybrid Work Structure

Findings from the Kahoot report suggest that businesses need to reverse the perceptions that their onsite colleagues have more opportunities for the hybrid approach to be successful. Leaders need to prioritize a healthy corporate culture where everyone feels included and able to succeed.

Some of the report’s key findings are:

  • 91% of remote workers want to feel more connected to their coworkers.
  • 77% of employees surveyed want to work remotely at least part-time after the pandemic
  • 53% of employees prefer a hybrid work model. 
  • 84% of HR leaders say that they will be increasing their collaboration tools in the next year.
  • 57% of employees (and 79% of HR leaders) think their collaboration and engagement tools are ‘’excellent’’ or ‘’above average’’ indicating a potential perception gap for employers. 

Overall, businesses that will adopt a hybrid model need to carefully rethink their working approach. As remote workers could feel that their onsite colleagues have more opportunities and benefits than they have, negatively impacting the companies culture.

Read the full report here


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