Hotel Room Demand Increases as Remote Workers Look for Alternate Work Options

Hotel room

A recent survey has unveiled that 65% of Americans reserve hotel rooms for work purposes anywhere from one to four times per month. Experts attribute this significant trend, dubbed “work-from-hotel,” to the abrupt transition to remote work necessitated by the pandemic.

With remote work burnout being a threat, many workers express the need to change the enviroment constantly. From coffee shops to libraries, the recent trend is hotel rooms. 

According to a Passport Photo survey, 23% of Americans indicated a preference for working from hotels due to the ability to conduct client meetings within a polished environment. 

Additionally, 19.37% of respondents identified IT support as the most sought-after amenity in a hotel setting.

These are other reasons: 

  • Utilizing available services as an advantage.
  • Working in a city where one lacks a formal address.
  • Seeking refuge from distractions.
  • Accumulating hotel loyalty points.

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