Dartmouth-Hitchcock Will Enable Remote Work for 2,000 Employees

3D rendering of a hospital interior

According to the Lebanon-based healthy system, 2,000 Dartmouth-Hitchcock employees will continue to work remotely permanently after the pandemic. The positions with this possibility are mostly from the HR, IT, finances, and administration areas of the medical center.

The health industry is also implementing flexible options for some employees. In states like Connecticut, telehealth continues to rise, as both doctors and patients benefit from this arrangement. Now that technology keeps improving, other industry sectors can also continue to perform their roles remotely.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center & Remote Work

2,000 employees from the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire, will be able to work remotely. This is approximately 13% of the total number of employees and almost 20% of employees at the system’s academic hub.

According to D-H’s vice president of rewards, Brenda Bail:

It is increasing our ability to recruit and retain our staff. We are employing workers outside of Vermont and New Hampshire.

Blair mentioned that their new system doesn’t come out of necessity as it was last year because of the pandemic. Currently, the institution opts to work remotely by design, as it has worked efficiently for them these past months.

Additionally, an internal survey revealed that employees enjoy working from home. As a result, some employees will be working remotely full-time, and others will rotate in-person days with other coworkers. 


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