CliniQuirk™ Helps Health Workers Launch Virtual Businesses

Health care virtual business
Photo by Maranda Vandergriff on Unsplash

With CliniQuirk™, healthcare professionals from all over the world have access to the tools they need to start a virtual business or work freelance, giving them the flexibility to set their own hours and pay their own way.

The next challenge that healthcare professionals and employees will encounter as they explore working remotely to fulfil the expanding requirements of patients is having access to the tools and knowledge they need to get started in this area of service delivery.

On that note, BA Virtual Support LLC is announces the opening of CliniQuirk™, an online support store that offers healthcare professionals the tools they need to start a freelance career or a virtual company. The store is a comprehensive platform that provides everything required to operate remotely for both individuals and businesses.

“Starting a business in the healthcare sector can seem daunting, but CliniQuirk™ is here to help make it a little easier. Our mission is to provide support to health professionals, newcomers, creatives and curious minds who want to create a remote business they can be proud of. CliniQuirk™ offers online tools to help guide you in your journey to entrepreneurship. Whether you’re an experienced business owner or the newest freelancer on the block, our tools are made to help make this process smooth.”Brianna Angulo, Founder, BA Virtual Support

CliniQuirk™ supports medical professionals who want to transition from working in offices and hospitals to working online or who want to earn extra money by offering their skills and services online. The website is designed to serve an audience of seasoned healthcare professionals, people with expertise in and a background in the industry.

Despite having extensive expertise in their jobs, health professionals might not be familiar with social media or the internet environment. The store fills the gap between health professionals’ skills and knowledge and the tools they require to actively explore the internet world.

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