Sam Altman, ChatGPT Creator, Says “Era Of Remote Work Is Over”

According to a recent session organized by fintech company Stripe, Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI and creator of ChatGPT, believes that employees working from an office environment are better equipped to create new products than those working remotely. He also mentioned that current technology is not advanced enough to support remote work fully. 

Altman believes that remote work should still be viewed as an experiment. He considers it one of the worst mistakes made by the tech industry to think that everyone could fully work remotely without losing creativity.

“I would say that the experiment on that is over, and the technology is not yet good enough that people can be full remote forever, particularly on startups.” Sam Altman

In a prior instance, Altman expressed his preference to work in an office environment. In a tweet, he stated that tech companies that hastily transitioned to permanent remote work had made a significant error and that cracks were already beginning to emerge. 

However, Altman also acknowledged that some of OpenAI’s top talents are working remotely, and the company will continue to support this arrangement. He encouraged individuals not to let their dislike of San Francisco prevent them from applying to OpenAI, stating that he also does not like the presence of open-air fentanyl markets.

When discussing the importance of an office environment for a startup, Altman emphasized in-person collaboration, especially in the early stages of a product’s development. 

“The more unclear and early the product is, the more in-person time the team needs to grind together,” Sam Altman


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