Bank of America Allows Remote Work During the First Weeks of January

Bank of America

In the last week of 2021, Bank of America announced that they would allow their staff to work the first week of January remotely. However, with the Covid-19 situation getting worse, the bank announced today that they would extend that measurement one more week.

With the recent variant of Covid-19 Omicron, returning to the office seems harder than initially expected for most companies. Mayor firms of Wall Street are taking a step back on their original decision of returning to the office.

Bank of America Temporary Remote Work Policy

Bank of America is pushing back its return to the office another week as covid cases keep surging. According to an internal memo sent on Thursday, the company is encouraging one more week of remote work while evaluating their next move. 

During that same memo, the bank also encouraged staff to get fully vaccinated and receive booster shots. The firm has created a strong campaign to encourage members to get vaccinated. BoA will donate $100 to local food banks for every employee who gets a Covid-19 vaccine booster shot before January 31st. 

The bank said that it would donate up to $10 million for those employees who get booster shots this month. Or who have already gotten the shot if they register that information with the bank.


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