Downturn In Sales For Apple Last Q4 Report

downturn in sales

Today, Apple released the latest revenue report for its business and categories. After the quarterly call with investors, the report shows a downturn in sales.

During the last year, Apple witnessed a massive sale of iPhones worldwide. However, the company failed the mark for the Q4 earnings report. And despite good numbers, the downturn in sales doesn’t convince investors. 

Q4 Earning Report: Downturn In Sales 

Apple’s overall revenue grew by 29% ($83.36 billion), while the services revenue reached 24.6% growth ($18.28 billion).

About specific products: 

  • Breaking last year’s records, the iPhone revenue increased by 47% ($38.87 billion).
  • Mac laptops reached + 1.6% ($9.18 billion).
  • The iPad sales grew 21.% ($8.25 billion) 
  • Other products, including the Watch and AirPods, increased sales up to 11.5% ($8.79 billion).

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the downturn in sales due to global supply shortages in silicon ($6 billion) and pandemic-related manufacturing issues in Asia. It’s important to mention that this quarter report only analyzed its revenue after the iPhone 13 launch. In large part, Apple will release iPhone 13-related revenues in the next quarter. And the CEO has great expectations for the upcoming reports. 

During the pandemic, Apple saw a massive sales increase, especially targeting remote workers and digital nomads. However, it’s the first time in five years that the company has recorded such a downturn in sales for its products. 


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