Remote Sales

The Mendicino Agency

June 18, 2024

Key West,

Flexible Schedule,  Work from Home,  Work/Life Balance.

Income: 10K-15K Monthly (Uncapped) 
                           *100% Commission  

How about TODAY being the day you take back your life and secure your future?  

The finance industry makes more millionaires than any other industry in the World! 

My name is Anthony Mendicino and I am looking for new INDEPENDENT LIFE INSURANCE BROKERS who are ready to learn the business, work hard, have fun, and finally earn what you’re worth. 

You will be selling life insurance ONLY to people who have already reached out and asked for someone to help them with life insurance. 
NO membership fees, dues, franchise fees, etc. 
NO sales quotas, no condescending bosses, no sleazy sales tactics.
NO hastling your friends and family (we have quality leads!)
Hands-on training and mentoring from me and my team of very successful agents 
Opportunity to own your own agency (if desired, not required) 
I am looking for the right kind of people, the kind of people that align with our core values. 

1. Relationships matter, people come first 

2. Relentless pursuit of personal growth 

3. Open, honest, productive communication 

4. We do things right, even when no one is looking 

5. We work as a true team and strive to be a positive influence 

6. We act like owners because we own it. 

7. Being of service and doing good in the world 

8. We have fun and we get stuff done. 

If this appleas to you then we need to talk!

Heres my story,

I worked  for 20 years at the same company prior to this oppertunity.  I started in an entry level sales position and decided to leave when I was at the top of the department.  I was making over $200K a year and I wasn’t happy.  With every promotion there was more hours and less time for myself and family.  I actually consceded that “me time” was somthing I would just need to forget.  My hope each week was to find a little time to spend with my family. I was trading time for money and I was exhausted.  

One day shortly after my daughter was born I had an epifany.  The money I was making was costing me too much. I decided I was going to throw all my energy into finding a career that would both reward me financially and allow me to control my time.  

I truly feel like it was divin intervntion that I stubled on an ad like this, promising high income potential and flexible schedule. I applied and was skeptical. The people I meet immediatly reassured me by their actions. I went all in. 

Fast forward to today… I am a Top Producer here at Symmetry. I wrote over $600K in buiness in the past 24 month, I am building genrerational wealth for my family,and leading people to do the same for theirs, but the thing I”m most proud of is the smile I get when I pick my daughter up from school.  There truley is nothing better.

This is the life I hoped for when I responded to that ad. 

If your in search for a better life and willing to work hard to achieve it we need to talk!



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